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Resilience in a Post-Covid world. Stopping the occupational pain.

As we look a the world that was and the world today, many will say things have changed for ever while others will say the world has changed a little. When you are dealing with occupational pain, the world sometimes does not matter as you are hurting, but note that you are in control. Occupational pain is sometimes ignored by the medical work as pseudo or fake pain. Some will passively “treat” to make it seem like they tried something but the pain is still there. Occupational pain is real to the person experiencing the pain and can be caused from actual physical trauma or injury to psychological manifested from our engagement in the daily world. When we experience the loss of a loved one (human or animal), a job, a friend, things we love such as house or hobby, we can manifest negative energy within our mind, soul and body.

This negative energy if left alone will create an invisible block that many practitioners in the western hemisphere ignore. This block will manifest into many physical alignments in our body and what we attract around us will be negative. What I mean is, we will start to hold ourselves in a poor posture as we do not feel confident anymore or loved maybe. This posturing places physical strain on your body and also leads to increased pain. When we mentally are holding negative energy, the littlest pain will increase to be larger pain and starts a vicious cycle that creates in more pain that will lead to debilitating pain.

Working through a holistic approach that occupational therapists provide, can help you identify areas that occupational pain is impacting your daily living and how we can make changes to increase our independence with less pain.

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