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Background (Services)

Occupational Therapy

Are you struggling with daily activities due to injury or illness? Our Occupational Therapy services can drastically improve your overall quality of life. Urban Therapy & Research Associates are dedicated to providing expert evaluations and consultations (in-home or virtually) to ensure you receive the best course of treatment. With our comprehensive services and visitations, we are fully committed to helping you regain your strength and independence to achieve your goals!

Occupational Therapy Consult (Home/Virtual)

Request an occupational therapy consultation today and learn more about the various services we offer as well as what to expect throughout your experience with us. Time and price may vary based on the complexity and duration of the consultation needed. 

Occupational Therapy Evaluation (Home/Virtual)

Clients selecting this are attesting that they are not under any homecare services currently nor any other occupational therapy services. Evaluation will determine overall functional performance in relation to any medical, physical, mental, sensory, or environmental impairment.

Occupational Therapy Home Visitation

Home visits are completed after an evaluation has been completed to address the plan of care developed. Visits can vary in nature based upon what needs to be addressed to help address any functional loss.  This is also used for any discharges from care.

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