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2019 a new start!

The start of a new year and many look to go to a gym and eat healthy. Those are all well but what about cleaning our the clutter both physically, financially and mentally?

As you take down the holiday decorations try not to put the old things back or at least not all the items. Clean out the clutter and junk now rather than waiting for the big spring clean. By doing this mentally you will feel happier to see a cleaner surrounding which will also appear larger.

Next clean out the cabinets of all the junk and processed food (or at least the majority) to make room for a healthier food selection. Next start to eat off smaller plates rather than the large plates Americans often have. This will help to control portions.

As you can see all this is simple in theory but you also have to face the mental aspect to let go all together. If you are having a heard time of letting go then place in a box labeled to discard on an exact date with the smartphone reminder set to do so. If the box is not opened when the reminder goes off then toss it without looking in he box on that day.

As you do all this along with some exercise and healthy eating, you should start to feel happier and more energy throughout the day as the burdens and weights of the past are gone. As you do this start to pay yourself each week a fix amount into a separate savings account (check online as most offer 1-2%more than typical banks). Skip the latte and put that into the savings. Every 3 months check that balance and if you have a large amount of debt then take a portion for a principal payment to pay this down or off. Once you have paid that debt off then make the payment as an added monthly payment to this special savings and soon you will see it all grow.

Try just one of these suggestions each week until you have mastered them and then add on a new one. As you do this your life will change and the pains for everyday life will decrease.

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