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Occupational Pain and Age

If you read or study anything associated with the human body development, you would realize we come into the world with great flexibility and leave with great stiffness. By age 30 some theories state you start to loose fluid in certain structures resulting in loss of height and range of motion.

When you combine this with the fact that most 30 year olds are now working in a modern era of computer technology which translates to more siting. This sloth like behavior imposed upon work and natural aging causes us our joint to have unnatural forces place upon them leading to occupational pain with daily functioning.

As children we do not have to work hard to be strong and flexible but as we age we have to make time. By failing to make time and becoming slaves to the western world mentality of work over everything else, we start to wear down our joints and shorten our muscles. If we can try to spend just 15 minutes at the start of the day and the end to stretch, walk, play, yes play! We can combat and either win or slow the impact of occupational pain upon our lives. Unfortunately we often take the easy way out and have a million excuses why we cannot do this, but as you read this could you not have your smart device read the text to you through the accessibility options so you can stretch. Can we not turn off the technology (smart phones, tablets, computers, tv, etc) and make time to maybe do a yoga class, stretch, exercise, or walk around the neighborhood? Or for those with kids, play! Do what we did when we had the flexibility and strength with no pains.

The more you do this over any medications or fad gadgets, you will more wealth through the savings on those gadgets and medications or over the counter pills (unless you take a yoga class or join a gym). You will be happier with a happier family and friends around you as your mood will attract those people. And your functional level will remain high with long into your life being independent at home rather than heading to a nursing home in the end though in some cases we may not be able to always avoid those outcomes.

Today I challenge you to start the day 15 minutes earlier and stretch while the sun comes up, before the kids are up or have them join you. Again play in my mind is the key to life that I struggle with everyday to use as the best medicine to cure all. It is easy today to get some kind of diagnosis and medications for occupational pains that limit your ability to engage in daily living but st what cost (financially and side effects).

Take the challenge and detach from technology as play stretch love again your way from occupational pains.

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