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Resilience and Occupational Pain

So far we have started to look at our daily occupations and the impact they have upon perception of pain. When we are faced with pain, some feel that cannot make it another day with some type of drug legal or illegal. When we think of our perceptions to anything, how much if that is influenced by what happened in the past and present. This influenced our view of the future which results in self-filling prophecy, but we can will our futures to be better if we only remain resilient and humble.

We cannot will millions of dollars to fall in our laps overnight but we can will new income streams or cut unnecessary spending. When we have pain of any kind, again we cannot just dismiss this as nothing as our body, mind, spirit are trying to tell us something. Sometimes it is an illness but when that occurs something else is not working properly such as an organ or blood levels being off. Do we bunker down and fit is an organ is failing, leave that to the medical professionals to fight for you. You need to be resilient and remain positive no matter what as we can only control the present while influencing the future through learning from the past.

It is when we master this we can control the self-inflicting pains we habitually inflict upon our current states subconsciously willing an altered future. This cycle is easy to fall into and requires no effort, as pity grows like a fungus. It is when we are resilient that we overcome what seems unbearable or fearful to leave our comfort. To survive we must leave our comfort zones and push ourselves rather than self limiting our daily engagements. Pain is not a scapegoat but it is easy to use along with fatigue. This drives occupational pain to conquer our lives and limit daily pursuits.

Today I ask you reword each negative thought into a positive thought. Change your looking glasses from plain to your favorite color and see your world with new theoretical glasses.

Be resilient and change your view!

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