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Tips to keep you happy, healthy, and on-task:

Tips to keep you happy, healthy, and on-task:

During these times, it is important to keep as normal of a routine as possible even if asked to study and work from home or even isolate yourself at home. The following are simple general ideas to help keep you on track. If you need more details please seek a qualified licensed professional on that topic to help guide you to assure a safe and optimal outcome.

Daily Routines:

The most important thing during these times for you and your whole family including pets, is to maintain as normal of a routine as you can. If your kids are asked to stay home with you and you still have to work, then you may have to adapt your work hours to allow for more time with your kids rather than having the TV babysitting in place if you are a single parent. If not alone, then schedule work times where you each have alone time to complete essential work while the other plays or does a craft with the kids. The kids will need this to assure their and your sanity. Dig out the games, make cleaning a game if possible such as dusting wars or races.


Make sure you have all of your materials you need, headphones, reliable access to internet and a computer with your charger (not just your cell phone). Make sure you a quiet place to do work and others that you may live with not to disturb you for during that work time. If you do have a quiet place to work and you must go to a public area to get some uninterrupted work done, make sure you take precautions to and extra hand washing including the work surfaces.

Food and Medication:


  • Push-ups (full body on the floor, modified on knees or wall push-ups)

  • Sit-ups

  • Step-up and step-downs on your stair wells or sturdy stool.

  • Lunges (forward, sideways, backwards)

  • Squats or wall sides

  • Planks

These can and should be modified to meet your general needs. Look at other things around your house as you can jog in place or walk around the house/yard if not able to go out in the community for a nice walk, jog or run.


This we normally think about cleaning, but remember that hand sanitizer is just a temporary means until we can get to a sink to wash our hand with warm water and soap for at least 30 mins.

When out at the store for food, keep a little extra space between you and the next person in line as much as possible. Wipe the store cart or basket handles down before and after use.

If you are feeling sad, lonely, withdrawn, angry, anxious, or any other feeling, please reach out to a qualified medical provider such as your primary care physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, or an occupational therapist for further medical care.

And after all, smile, laugh, talk and carry on as a rain storm brings water which washes away the old and brings about new life before the sun comes to shine again to make the world a beautiful place.

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